Hammock camping in winter – here’s the equipment you need!

Hammock camping in winter can be nearly as comfortable as in the warmer months, given you adhere to certain survival essentials!

  1. Ensure Your Hammock Provides Adequate Thermal Insulation


As temperatures plummet overnight, your body can cool down significantly, making thermal insulation crucial when spending a night in a hammock during winter. There are various methods to stay warm in a hammock. Depending on the severity of the cold, these can be used individually or in combination.

• A THERMO HAMMOCK features a compartment underneath where an insulating mat can be inserted. This secures the mat and shields you from the cold.

• An UNDERQUILT is akin to a sleeping bag that hangs beneath your hammock. A regular sleeping bag placed in the hammock loses its heat retaining functionality at the bottom because your weight compresses it. Conversely, an underquilt creates an air pocket under your hammock, providing ideal thermal insulation. Our UNDERQUILT PONCHO can also serve as a warming blanket when sitting around the campfire.

• A SLEEPING BAG inside the hammock keeps you warm from the top. While the compressed bottom provides limited warmth, it's indispensable during freezing temperatures to prevent heat loss from above. For milder nights (from ≥ 5 °C), our TOPQUILT is ideal. It's a type of half sleeping bag without a back section, making it easier to enter and exit the hammock. A closed foot section from the knees down ensures your feet stay warm.

  1. Set up a Tarp Over Your Hammock


While camping in the forest, unexpected snow, rain, or even falling leaves can be an unwelcome surprise. Hence, a roof or a TARP is essential for your hammock when bivouacking. From ultralight and compact to robust and large, we offer a broad selection of tarps for diverse outdoor activities.

For winter camping, our WING TARP with closable side wings, which can almost serve as a tent, is highly recommended. Notably, a tarp can be used without a hammock, acting as a ground-covering tent substitute – for instance, in a ground setup.

  1. Think About Storage for Your Equipment


To prevent your gear from getting wet in the snow or cooling down on the ground, we've got just the solution! Our HAMMOCK FLOOR offers the perfect storage option for your equipment. This under-hammock ensures your gear is always within reach. It keeps your shoes and trekking backpack clean, warm, and safe from critters. Additionally, the HAMMOCK FLOOR can serve as an actual floor beneath the hammock!

After taking these factors into account, the only thing left to do is to lie down correctly, preferably utilizing the Brazilian lying technique!

Here are some additional tips and advice from hammock experts for winter camping: