About Us

"Nearly three decades ago, I embarked on a journey that has led to the reality I'm living today."

(Matthias Saul, Founder)

In the early nineties, I stumbled upon the advantages of a hammock during my extensive travels. From Ecuador and Peru to Europe and Africa, my explorations led me to yearn for more experiences in South America. However, the prospect of sleeping on the rainforest floor was out of the question. That's when I encountered hammocks, a revelation that would shape my life profoundly.

During my escapades, necessities such as a rain cover and mosquito net became apparent. However, a complete set with all these attributes was burdensome and challenging to carry. Consequently, I resorted to procuring materials locally in South America and creating my own hammock, with the invaluable assistance of the Huaorani tribe. The outcome was a 7kg hammock equipped with mosquito protection and a tent for rain cover. Despite its innovative design, this hammock led to backache and mosquito bites.

Our guides, who had been using hammocks since their childhood, were quite amused by the discomfort my makeshift hammock caused. They taught me the correct way to set up and use a hammock. This marked the beginning of restful sleep without backache, and every evening was devoted to improving my hammock.

Upon my return to Germany, my fascination with hammocks did not wane. I began importing and selling hammocks to friends and associates, and in a few months' time, AMAZONAS hammocks were available in select stores. This marked the inception of a successful enterprise. My aspiration to innovate and market my own products burgeoned. This aspiration led to the establishment of my own hammock weaving mill in Brazil, the birthplace of hammocks. Spending several months in Brazil alongside traditional hammock makers, I acquired foundational skills that remain integral to my craft today. Many aspects of my Brazilian experience are still evident in our products.

After nearly three decades of relentless development, setbacks, and numerous test expeditions worldwide, I have finally achieved my objective. Every night spent in one of our hammocks whisks me back to those memorable nights in Ecuador.


Today, I take immense pride in my life's work, positioning myself as a specialist with our products being distributed globally. I am grateful to have a competent team that supports my ongoing product development and continuous improvement efforts.

To sum up, if there's one thing I can share with you, it's that the best hammock is the one you always have at your side. That's the underlying philosophy behind our products.