Hang your hammock with a tree strap – for the love of nature

Hanging an outdoor hammock using tree straps helps safeguard the tree's bark and the underlying growth layer, known as the cambium. It's a practice most bushcrafters or wild campers already employ, using tree-friendly hammock ropes. After all, without trees, hammock camping isn't possible!

Therefore, it's recommended to utilize tree-friendly suspension systems for hammock camping whenever possible. Suspension systems like our T-STRAP, TREE HUGGER, or ADVENTURE ROPE sets have a width of at least 2.5 cm, ensuring they don't cut into the tree's bark when used to suspend a hammock.


Hammock suspension systems WITH a tree strap:

Most AMAZONAS ultralight suspension systems already include an integrated tree protector. Explore the various benefits of different hammock rope systems here.

Hammock suspension systems WITHOUT a tree strap:

Basic ropes, paracord, and similar materials are not suitable for hanging hammocks from trees as they can harm the bark. The only suspension system in our range that doesn't come standard with tree protectors is our MICROROPE. Why is that? Because some customers prefer to hang their hammocks on balcony railings, or they choose to create their own tree protectors from tension belts, car safety belts, or similar materials. If DIY isn't your thing, you can directly order our TREEHUGGER, allowing you to use our MICROROPES on trees with peace of mind.