How much space do I need to hang my outdoor hammock from the tree?

Outdoor hammocks are typically hung without a frame since they're primarily used in nature. They are set up low, requiring two fixed points for proper installation. The suspension loops of the hammocks should be positioned around head height and roughly 3 m apart.


This arrangement ensures optimal tension when you use the Brazilian lying technique, which is the most back-friendly way to relax in a hammock!

If the trees or posts are spaced further apart, the hammock can be extended using additional ropes. The suspension point must then be correspondingly adjusted higher.

Please also pay attention to the recommended hanging width stated on your hammock's product packaging or on the product page in the store. This may vary depending on the specific hammock model.

Wondering what hammock fastening sets are available for AMAZONAS ultra-light?

There are several suspension sets for securing ultralight hammocks. Discover the one that suits you best!