How much space do I need to hang my outdoor hammock from the tree?

Outdoor hammocks are hung without a frame, as they are mostly used in the great outdoors. Hammocks are hung low. To hang up a hammock properly, you need two fixed points. The suspension loops of the hammocks should be positioned at about head height and about 3 m apart from each other.


This way the hammock has the optimal tension when you are hanging out in it using the Brazilian lying technique, which is kindest to your back!

If the trees or posts are further apart, you can extend the hammock with additional ropes. The suspension point must then be set correspondingly higher.

Please also note the recommended hanging width that is stated on the product packaging of your hammock or on the product page in the shop. This may vary depending on the hammock model.

What hammock fastening sets are available for AMAZONAS ultra-light?

There are various suspension sets for attaching ultralight hammocks. Find out which one is right for you!