Moskito Traveller Quilted – tips for setting up the hammock with integrated protection against the cold

This ‘3 in 1’ hammock not only warms you from below and protects you from mosquitoes. It is also very easy to set up. This makes the Moskito Traveller Quilted particularly suitable for hammock camping beginners for whom hanging up the many individual components of hammock equipment would still be a complicated task.


Tips for setting up the Moskito Traveller Quilted hammock:


• The hammock is packed in a so-called bishop’s miter (sewn-on packsack), which has a loop at one end. Just hang the rope that goes around the tree* there, pull the hammock out of the packsack, and attach it to the second tree. *not included in the delivery.

• The ridgeline is already pre-assembled and does not need to be specially hung up. This rope for tensioning the mosquito net is no longer attached to the trees but is fixed to the ends of the hammock. With the help of the so-called Prusik knot (a sliding knot or friction hitch), you can tighten the ridgeline. You hold the knot between your fingers. This allows you to slide it back and forth along the ridgeline.
TIP: You should not pull away from the line (otherwise the knot will stall) but along the length of the line.

• Now all you have to do is insert the patented spreader bars into the pockets at the top of the mosquito net. When you are lying in the hammock, you can move them along the ridgeline to stretch the net even more.

• When dismantling, you simply detach one end of the outdoor hammock from the tree and roll up the hammock like a sock to store it again in the bishop’s mitre at the other end. This way, the hammock does not get wet by falling on the ground and you do not need another person to help you take down the hammock.

• This outdoor hammock, made of ultra-light ripstop parachute silk, can also be used without a mosquito net. Simply turn it around and relax!

• If you’re spending the night outdoors, you can also get a tarp for protection from rain or wind. And please don’t forget the tree straps for hanging up the hammock!

• On particularly cold nights or when hammock camping in winter, you can combine the Moskito Traveller Quilted with an underquilt. This way you can increase the degree of warmth by simply attaching the underquilt underneath the hammock.