Ultralight hammocks – five unbeatable arguments in their favour!

  1. The Hammock - So Ultralight You Barely Notice It Unlike a traditional hammock that weighs around 2-3 kg, most of our outdoor hammocks weigh between 300 g and 900 g. Our Adventure Hammock, in fact, weighs only 180 g and is the lightest king-size hammock in the world! Paired with a tarp and underquilt, a trekking hammock can serve as a camp bed, sleeping bag, or even a tent during a bivouac, thereby saving you valuable weight in your hiking backpack.

  2. The Hammock in Jacket-Pocket Format – Extremely Small Pack Size! Barely larger than a 0.3-liter water bottle, an ultralight hammock can fit into any luggage and in any van or camper, no matter how packed it is. You can stow it in a jacket pocket, and it will virtually disappear in your travel bag.

  3. Small but Mighty! Despite the Small Pack Size – Robust and Extra-Large Our Adventure series is crafted from 20D ripstop nylon. Hammocks made from this material are not only extremely durable (maximum load 150 kg), but the ripstop technology ensures that a small hole in the material won't result in a 'runner' or tear, making it able to withstand the most rigorous tests!

After a long journey or a demanding hike, you deserve to relax comfortably. That's why the size of the sleeping surface is crucial in ultralight hammocks. To achieve the right lying technique, you need enough fabric, particularly in terms of width. Hence, our hammocks are wider than the standard.

  1. Parachute Silk, Breathable and Quick-Drying In humid conditions or high temperatures, a cotton hammock can take a long time to dry. In contrast, an ultra-light travel hammock made from parachute silk dries quickly due to the thinness of the material and the special breathable fabric.

  2. A Hammock for All Seasons! Outdoor hammocks are versatile and suitable for all situations. Whether in your backpack on a world tour, or in your hiking bag on a trek, an ultralight material hammock is a reliable outdoor companion. This compact bed substitute takes up hardly any space in the most packed van or camper. Even bushcrafters, who have high demands for functional outdoor equipment, appreciate the benefits of this compact alternative.

Now, all you have to do is find the right one for you among the different models!