Amazonas Ultra-Light

2-in-1 Underquilt-Poncho

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AMAZONAS Underquilt Poncho 2-in-1

You’re perfectly equipped with the AMAZONAS Underquilt Poncho: Hammock insulation on the one hand, and a poncho for when it is cooler on the other.

Easy handling and quickly put on  

The Underquilt Poncho provides you and your ultra-light hammock with the perfect insulation from below thanks to the microfibre filling. Simply suspend beneath the hammock, and done! The Underquilt poncho can be transformed into a warming poncho in an instant thanks to its built-in zip fastener: Open the zip fastener, pull the Underquilt poncho over your head, button up, done. On the front side there is a small storage pocket for your smartphone etc. including continuously adjustable, removable suspension ropes and straps for attaching directly beneath the hammock (hammock/sleeping bag not included).

Protects from the cold - either on your body or the hammock  

The THERMOLITE microfibre filling keeps you warm, is as soft as down and compresses efficiently for small packing dimensions. Usable without the thermal mat up to 0°C. In combination with a suitable thermal mat, the temperature range can be extended as desired.

Extremely small packing dimensions  

With packing dimensions of approx. 33 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm and a weight of only 990g, the AMAZONAS Underquilt Poncho is the perfect companion for cold outdoor nights.

Dimensions: ca. 260 x 120 cm
Compatible hammock length: ca. 250-300 (lying surface length) 
Material: 100 % Nylon-Ripstop (210T)
Filling: 100% Polyester (hollow fibre)
Sleep Zone: ca. ≥ 0°C / 32° F
Weight:  ca. 990 g
Pack Size: ca. 33 x 17.5 cm
Ultralight-Revolution: Light