Amazonas Ultra-Light

Adventure Tarp

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Introducing the AMAZONAS Adventure Tarp - The Ultimate Lightweight Hammock Tarp

Experience a revolution in hammock tarps with the AMAZONAS Adventure Tarp, one of the lightest tarps in the world. Designed to perfectly match the dimensions of ultra-light hammocks, this tarp is completely optimized for weight reduction, offering unmatched convenience for your outdoor adventures.

Effortless Suspension

Suspending the Adventure Tarp is a breeze, thanks to the adjustable carabiner and Y-shaped aluminum pegs. These features ensure quick and secure setup, allowing you to focus on enjoying your hammock experience. Additionally, the tarp is equipped with small pockets for convenient storage of the guy ropes.

Protection from the Elements

The trapezoidal cut of the tarp strikes the perfect balance between air circulation and protection from the elements. Whether it's rain, sun, or falling leaves, this tarp provides reliable shelter to keep you dry and comfortable. Each anchoring point is designed with small pockets for the guy ropes, ensuring stability even in challenging weather conditions. The Adventure Tarp is not only robust but also highly versatile, making it a valuable asset even without a hammock.

The Lightest Suspended Tent

Combining the Adventure Mosquito Hammock Thermo with the Adventure Ropes, you'll have what is possibly the lightest suspended tent in the world, weighing approximately 940g. This remarkable setup is the ideal solution for any adventure, providing you with a lightweight and compact shelter wherever your journeys take you.

Choose the AMAZONAS Adventure Tarp for its revolutionary lightweight design and impeccable functionality. Embrace the freedom of exploring the outdoors with this exceptional hammock tarp, perfectly crafted to enhance your outdoor experience.

Material: 100% extra strong Nylon Ripstop (20 D) with top-quality twofold silicon coating, aluminium Y-pegs
Weight:  ca. 380 g
Pack Size: ca. 27.5 x 8.5 cm
Water Column: ca. 2.000mm
360° weather protection: No
Ultralight-Revolution: Ultra-Light