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Adventure Wing Tarp

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Introducing the AMAZONAS Adventure Wing Tarp - The Ultimate Ultra-Light Hammock Tarp with Variable Windshield

Experience the pinnacle of ultra-light hammock tarps with the AMAZONAS Adventure Wing Tarp. This innovative tarp is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for your outdoor adventures, featuring a variable all-round windshield for ultimate versatility.

Effortless Hanging and Storage

Hanging up and taking down the Adventure Wing Tarp is a breeze, thanks to the adjustable carabiner and Y-shaped aluminum rings. These features ensure quick and secure setup, allowing you to focus on enjoying your hammock experience. The tarp also includes small pockets for convenient storage of the ropes, keeping your gear organized and easily accessible.

Complete Protection

Tailored to fit the dimensions of ultralight hammocks, the Adventure Wing Tarp offers full protection from wind and rain. Its variably foldable sides act as a versatile windshield, shielding you from the elements while maintaining excellent airflow. When not in use, the windscreen can be rolled up, transforming your hammock into the perfect outdoor bed. Additionally, the tarp features two additional suspension points or pullouts on each side, providing extra space underneath the tarp for added comfort and storage.

Weatherproof and Lightweight

Crafted from extra sturdy nylon ripstop with a high-quality silicone 2-fold coating, the Adventure Wing Tarp ensures optimum protection against wind and weather. Despite its exceptional durability, it remains ultra-lightweight and easy to transport, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures.

Versatile Application

The Adventure Wing Tarp is suitable for use with various ultralight hammocks and can serve as a roof to keep off the rain in any outdoor camp. It can also be used as a lightweight alternative to a traditional tent, offering flexibility and adaptability to different camping scenarios.

Choose the AMAZONAS Adventure Wing Tarp for its innovative design, reliable weatherproofing, and ultimate versatility. Elevate your hammock camping experience with this exceptional ultra-light tarp, designed to provide maximum comfort and protection in any outdoor setting.

Material: 100% extra strong Nylon Ripstop (20 D) with top-quality twofold silicon coating, aluminium Y-pegs
Weight:  ca. 680 g
Pack Size: ca. 285 x 12 cm
Water Column: ca. 2.000mm
360° weather protection: Yes
Ultralight-Revolution: Ultra-Light