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Moskito Traveller Pro Hammock

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Introducing the Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock - Your Essential Lightweight Companion for Outdoor Adventures

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who value traveling light, the Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock offers outstanding convenience and protection. Here's why it's the perfect choice for your outdoor pursuits:

Lasting Insect Protection

The Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock is impregnated with TANTEX insect protection, providing long-lasting defense against flying insects. This impregnation is human-safe, gentle on the skin, and free from odors. Additionally, it is heat-resistant and washable, ensuring that it retains its effectiveness over time. With this hammock, you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects.

Versatile Usage Options

Whether you prefer to sleep with or without the net, the Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock accommodates your needs. Its 100% nylon breathable Ripstop material not only ensures exceptional robustness but also keeps the net away from your body using the enclosed cord. This feature enhances your comfort and provides a secure and enjoyable space for relaxation.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Crafted with a focus on lightweight construction, the Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock won't weigh you down on your adventures. The use of 100% nylon breathable Ripstop material guarantees its durability, allowing you to rest assured that it can withstand rugged outdoor conditions while providing the utmost comfort.

Choose the Ultra-Moskito Traveller Thermo Hammock for its lasting insect protection, versatility, lightweight design, and robust construction. Embrace the freedom of traveling light while enjoying the peace of mind and comfort this hammock provides during your outdoor escapades.

Lying Surface: 220 x 140 cm
Full Length: 350 cm
Load Capacity: 150 kg
Weight 0.45 kg
Material: 100% breathable and skin-friendly polyester impregnated with the insect repellent (TANATEX)
Extras: Includes bag.  
How to wash: Hand wash only. No dryer.

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