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Introducing the Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL - The Extra-Large Hammock with Integrated Thermal and Insect Protection

Say goodbye to extra equipment and added setup time for cold protection in your hammock. The Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL is designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience with its built-in thermal insulation and mosquito net. Here's why it's the perfect choice for taller individuals:

Built-In Thermal Protection

The Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL features built-in thermal insulation underneath its extra-large, diagonally running lying surface. Made of warming hollow fiber filling, the thermal insulation acts as a built-in underquilt. It is attached in a way that ensures it does not press against the lying surface while in use, creating an additional insulating air cushion between the hammock and the thermal layer. This eliminates the need for extra equipment or setup time, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable in your hammock.

Quick and Convenient Setup

The hammock is equipped with a permanently installed, length-adjustable mosquito net suspension system, enabling fast and effortless setup. Additionally, the optimized pack sack makes it easy to pack up and take down the hammock. No additional tensioning points are required for the ridgeline, simplifying the setup process.

Comprehensive Insect Protection

The mosquito net included with the Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL provides protection against flying insects such as mosquitoes and gnats, as well as crawling insects like ticks, ants, and cockroaches. The net can be used on both sides of the hammock, allowing you to choose whether or not to use it. The double zip entry on one side provides easy access to the hammock.

Spreader Bars for Extra-Large Interior Space

Included spreader bars create an extra-large interior space in the hammock, enhancing your comfort and relaxation. They ensure the mosquito net is properly tensioned away from your body, creating a comfortable and protected sleeping environment.

Recommended for Taller Individuals

The Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL is recommended for individuals with a body height of over 1.90 meters. Its extra-large size provides ample space for taller users to stretch out and enjoy a comfortable hammock experience.

Choose the Moskito-Traveller Quilted XXL for its integrated thermal and insect protection, quick setup, and spacious design. Enjoy warmth, insulation, and a bug-free environment during your outdoor hammock adventures, without the need for additional equipment or extra setup time.

Lying Surface: ca. 305 x 160 cm
Full Length: (including suspension loops) ca. 335 cm
Load Capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight ca. 1,150 g
Pack Size: ca. 40 x 19 cm
Extra-small colour-coordinated textile bag with attached product flyer
(reusable bag, sewn onto hammock)
Material: Outer material: 100% extra strong, breathable Nylon Ripstop (210D)
Sleep Zone: ca. ≥ 5°C / 41° F
Filling: 100% polyester (warming hollow fibre filling)
Ultralight-revolution:  Light
Incl. suspension: No
Impregnation: No
Mosquito net strength: approx. 155-230 meshes /square inch
Net Spreader bar: Yes
Thermal compartment or built-in thermal protection: Yes