Amazonas Ultra-Light

Adventure Rope

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Introducing the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Adventure Rope Set - The Ultimate Lightweight Solution for Hammocks

Experience a revolution in hammock accessories with the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Adventure Rope Set. This incredibly light and compact rope set is designed for those on the move, offering high-tech functionality and exceptional strength.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Versatility

Weighing in at only 90g, the two ropes and practical peg in this set can support an impressive 150kg. Crafted from "Super High Molecular Weight Polyethylene," a state-of-the-art high-tech material, these ropes are not only lightweight but also incredibly stable, weatherproof, and compact. You can rely on their strength and durability wherever your adventures take you. The ropes are easily adjustable to suit your desired height and tension.

Complete Set for Convenient Hammock Setup

The Ultra-Light Adventure Rope Set includes everything you need for a hassle-free hammock setup. It comes with tree-friendly Tree Straps, drip lines, and a soft carabiner for a secure connection to the hammock loop. The Tree Straps are designed to be extra wide, ensuring they are gentle on trees and preventing any damage to their bark. With this set, you can enjoy your hammock amidst nature with a clear conscience, knowing that you are taking care of the environment.

Choose the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Adventure Rope Set for its cutting-edge technology, exceptional strength, and tree-friendly design. Revolutionize your hammock experience with this lightweight and versatile accessory set.

Total Length: 35-150 cm + 90 cm strap (2x)
Load-bearing capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight:  ca. 90g
Material: Super high molecular weight polyethylene,
Pack size: ca. 13 x 4 cm
Tree protection: Yes
Ultra-light Revolution: Ultra-light