Amazonas Ultra-Light

Adventure Rope

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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Adventure Rope rope set 90g for all hammocks with load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg

Ultra-Light Revolution: The extremely light and compact rope set for on the move

High-tech and multi-functional  

The two ropes and the practical peg weigh about 90 g, but can support 150 kg! Thanks to the “Super High Molecular Weight Polyethylene” high-tech material they are also very stable, weatherproof and compact. Easily and continuously adjustable. Including tree-friendly Tree Strap, drip lines and soft carabiner as a practical connection to the hammock loop.

Extra wide and extremely tree-friendly  

Thanks to the extra-wide tree surround, the Adventure Rope is especially friendly to trees and does not cut into the bark. You can therefore spend your time among nature in your hammock with a clear conscience.

Total Length: 35-150 cm + 90 cm strap (2x)
Load-bearing capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight:  ca. 90g
Material: Super high molecular weight polyethylene,
Pack size: ca. 13 x 4 cm
Tree protection: Yes
Ultra-light Revolution: Ultra-light