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Introducing the AMAZONAS Thermal Coverlet Topquilt - The Ultimate Solution for Cozy Nights in Your Hammock

The AMAZONAS Thermal Coverlet Topquilt is the perfect accessory for ensuring comfortable nights in your hammock, even in colder temperatures. Here's why the Topquilt is recommended for maximum warmth and convenience:

Thermal Insulation from Above

When you're curled up in your Ultra-Light hammock, the Topquilt provides ideal thermal insulation from above. The hollow fiber filling ensures that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night, even in temperatures as low as -5 °C. With the Topquilt, you can enjoy a cozy and restful sleep in your hammock, no matter the weather.

Convenient and Comfortable Design

The Topquilt features a conical shape specially designed for spending the night in your hammock. It eliminates the need for irritating zips, allowing you to easily get in and out of the hammock. The design also provides freedom of movement for maximum comfort while you sleep. The top of the Topquilt is individually adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Additionally, the closed lower end offers effective thermal insulation from the knee down, ensuring that you stay warm throughout the night.

Versatile Use

The Topquilt can be used not only for sleeping in your hammock but also as a regular blanket when desired. Its versatility allows you to adapt to different sleeping preferences and conditions. If the temperatures drop even further, you can enhance your warmth by combining the Topquilt with an Underquilt (not included), providing comprehensive insulation for your hammock setup.

Compact and Lightweight

The AMAZONAS Topquilt is designed with convenience in mind. With compact packing dimensions of approximately 30 x 18 x 18 cm and a weight of 935 g, it is the perfect companion for cold outdoor nights. It can easily be packed and carried along on your outdoor adventures, ensuring that you have the warmth and comfort you need whenever and wherever you set up your hammock.

Choose the AMAZONAS Thermal Coverlet Topquilt for the ultimate solution in cozy nights spent in your hammock. Experience the exceptional thermal insulation, convenient design, and versatility it offers. Whether you're camping, trekking, or simply relaxing in your backyard, the Topquilt provides the warmth and comfort you need for a restful sleep.

Dimensions: ca. 190 x 50 cm
Material: 100 % Nylon-Ripstop (210T)
Filling: 100% Polyester (hollow fibre)
Sleep Zone: ca. ≥ 5°C / 41° F
Weight:  ca. 935 g
Pack Size: ca. 30 x 13 cm
Ultralight-Revolution: Light