Amazonas Ultra-Light

Traveller Tarp Forest

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The AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Traveller Tarp in forest look is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable rain protection for their hammocks. Here's why it comes highly recommended:

Adapted to Hammock Dimensions

The Traveller Tarp forest is specifically designed to fit most hammock sizes, providing optimal coverage and protection. By suspending the tarp from the attachment points of the hammock, you can easily transform your hammock into a comfortable outdoor bed while keeping yourself shielded from the rain.

Versatile Rain Protection

Whether you're using a hammock or not, the Traveller Tarp forest offers versatile rain protection. Its trapezoidal cut allows for proper air circulation while still ensuring effective coverage against rain, sun, and falling leaves. With the included guy ropes and adjustment carabiners, you can securely tighten and anchor the tarp to provide reliable shelter in various weather conditions.

Camouflage in Nature

The forest look of the Traveller Tarp features a pattern of leaves, trees, and natural colors, allowing it to blend seamlessly into forest environments. This provides both functional and aesthetic benefits, as the tarp becomes inconspicuous, minimizing its visual impact and creating a harmonious integration with the surrounding natural scenery.

Robust and Reliable

Crafted with durability in mind, the Traveller Tarp forest is built to withstand outdoor conditions. It is made from high-quality materials that are both robust and versatile. The small pockets on the anchoring points are designed to hold the guy ropes securely, ensuring the tarp remains in place even during windy conditions.

In summary, the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Traveller Tarp forest is an ideal rain shelter for hammock users and outdoor enthusiasts. With its tailored design, versatile rain protection, camouflage in natural environments, and overall durability, it provides reliable coverage and enhances your outdoor experience.

Material: 100% Ripstop-Polyester (210T), PUR-coated
Weight:  ca. 650 g
Pack Size: ca. 25 x 10 cm
Water Column: ca. 3.000mm
360° weather protection: No
Ultralight-Revolution: Light