Amazonas Ultra-Light

Traveller Tarp XXL

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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Traveller Tarp XXL

The XXL rain cover for hammocks - our extra-large XXL 12m2 tarp for protection from wind and weather.

Small, but wow: Extremely waterproof. Small packing dimensions.  

The AMAZONAS Traveller Tarp XXL is extremely waterproof and tear-resistant. It is made entirely of Ripstop Polyester (210T) and is PUR coated. There are numerous usage options: from rain shelter to awning and windbreak to use as a weather protector, the tarp is a true companion. The tarp has many features such as 4 additional eyelets for tightening at the side edges, storage pockets for the guy ropes, adjustment carabiners and 4 Y pegs. Suitable for extra-large ultra-light hammocks and universally usable for outdoor camping thanks to its rectangular shape. The Traveller Tarp XXL can be combined with any AMAZONAS Ultra-light hammock.

Material: 100% Ripstop-Polyester (210T), PUR-coated
Weight:  ca. 980 g
Pack Size: ca. 30.5 x 10.2 cm
Water Column: ca. 3.000mm
360° weather protection: No
Ultralight-Revolution: Light
Size: Large