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Underquilt XXL

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The AMAZONAS Hammock Insulation Underquilt XXL is specifically designed to provide insulation and warmth for XXL ultra-light hammocks in cold weather conditions. Here's why it is recommended:

Superior Insulation and Warmth

The Underquilt XXL features a hollow fiber filling that offers excellent insulation, ensuring optimal warmth and comfort for your ultra-light hammock in temperatures as low as -5 °C. It provides insulation from below, effectively blocking the cold and keeping you cozy during frosty outdoor nights.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up the Underquilt XXL is simple and hassle-free. Just suspend it beneath your hammock, and you're good to go. The continuously adjustable suspension ropes and straps allow for easy attachment directly beneath the hammock. Please note that the hammock and sleeping bag are not included with the Underquilt XXL.

Suitable for XXL Hammocks

The Underquilt XXL is designed to fit hammocks with a lying surface of approximately 300 - 350 cm, providing ample coverage and insulation for larger hammocks. Its size and design make it a suitable choice for XXL ultra-light hammocks.

Recommended for Cold Weather Camping

With a recommended sleeping zone of ≥ -5 °C (lower temperatures are manageable when combined with a suitable ground pad), the AMAZONAS Hammock Insulation Underquilt XXL is specifically tailored for cold weather camping and outdoor adventures. It ensures that you can enjoy warmth and comfort, even in chilly conditions.

Compact and Lightweight

Despite its impressive insulation properties, the Underquilt XXL remains compact and lightweight. It has a small packing size, measuring approximately 30 x 19 x 19 cm, and weighs 1200g. This makes it easy to carry and transport, allowing you to take it on your frosty outdoor adventures.

In summary, the AMAZONAS Hammock Insulation Underquilt XXL is highly recommended for XXL ultra-light hammocks in cold weather. With its superior insulation, quick setup, suitability for larger hammocks, compactness, and recommended sleeping zone, it ensures that you can stay warm and comfortable during frosty outdoor nights.

Dimensions: ca. 305 x 130 cm
Compatible hammock length: ca. 300-350 (lying surface length) 
Material: 100 % Nylon-Ripstop (210T)
Filling: 100% Polyester (hollow fibre)
Sleep Zone: ca. ≥ 5°C / 23° F
Weight:  ca. 1.180 g
Pack Size: ca. 30 x 19 cm
Ultralight-Revolution: Light