Amazonas Ultra-Light

Wing Tarp

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The AMAZONAS Wing Tarp is a versatile hammock tarp that provides variable all-round wind protection, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Here's why it is recommended:

Perfectly Coordinated Design

The Wing Tarp is specifically designed to match the dimensions of ultra-light hammocks. It offers optimal coverage and protection from wind and rain thanks to its variably folding sides. When the wind protection is not required, it can be easily rolled up, allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

Easy and Convenient Suspension

Suspending the Wing Tarp is quick and straightforward. It features an adjustment carabiner and Y-shaped aluminum pegs, making the setup process a breeze. The tarp also includes small pockets for storing the guy ropes, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.

All-Round Protection and Flexibility

With its variable wind protection, the Wing Tarp provides 360-degree protection from wind, ensuring a comfortable and sheltered hammock experience. When the wind subsides, you can roll up the wind protection and enjoy the outdoors. This versatility makes the Wing Tarp suitable for various weather conditions and camping scenarios.

Suitable for Various Hammocks and Outdoor Camps

The Wing Tarp is compatible with many ultra-light hammocks, allowing you to pair it with your preferred hammock model. Additionally, it serves as an effective roof to keep off rain, making it a practical choice for any outdoor camp. It can also be used as a lightweight alternative to a tent, providing shelter and protection during your outdoor adventures.

In summary, the AMAZONAS Wing Tarp offers a perfectly coordinated design, easy suspension, all-round protection, and flexibility of use. Whether you're seeking wind and rain protection for your hammock or need a lightweight camping shelter, the Wing Tarp is a reliable and versatile choice.

Material: 100% Ripstop-Polyester (210T), PUR-coated
Weight:  ca. 950 g
Pack Size: ca. 26 x 13 cm
Water Column: ca. 3.000mm
360° weather protection: Yes
Ultralight-Revolution: Light